Fuck Your Fantasy About “Finding” Yourself & Do This Instead

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” (George Bernard Shaw)

Understand: Passion, purpose, values, character are things that must be developed, not discovered.

Life is about creating and forging the type of character you want.

Cultivation is the path as opposed to discovering.

Values, strengths, passions, and purpose are all based on a slow and steady, day by day process of action.

Step Back Into Reality

If you want the opposite of most than you will have to place your feet at the fire of reality on a daily basis.

How To Go About Starting The Process Of Cultivation

Develop your identity around being a creator as opposed to a consumer.

Treat your passions, purpose, values, and strengths like a plant.

Become aware of how this idea of “finding” is destroying the life quality of those around you.


Writer. Autodidact. Competitive Soccer Player.

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