How Quality Over Quantity Could Change Your Life

It is quality rather than quantity that matters.” (Lucius Annaeus Seneca)

Thee topic of quality over quantity has massive implications for leading a high quality life assuming that we practice the art of quality over quantity.

Why Choose Quality Over Quantity?

There are a number of reasons why we would be wise to choose quality over quantity. Here are a few of them:

By choosing quality over quantity within any area of your life, you automatically open yourself up to experience the true efficiency with which you can experience meaning.

Put simply, choosing quality over quantity leads you to the straightest path towards contentment and meaning.

Not only do you walk the straightest path to meaning, but you also save an abundance of valuable resources that you wouldn’t have otherwise if you focused on quantity over quality.

These resources include the following:



Physical & Mental Energy

By saving these valuable resources, we can better handle our ability to direct these precious resources to things that actually matter to us.

Whether it is the books that you read or the people that you spend time with, quality will always have more depth than quantity.

This depth creates interest and as long as we’re interested and engaged, we will feel good about whatever context we find ourselves in.

Focusing on quality rather than quantity tends to bring more fruitful results in our lives.

For example, focusing on one high quality relationship will bring us more physical and emotional benefits than focusing on three mediocre relationships.

Quality brings with it better results in a shorter time frame, in most cases.

Below, I will go through a few key areas where this concept of quality over quantity plays out practically.

Choosing quality over quantity in terms of books is critical. Often times, those who are interested in reading try to read as many books as possible. While they do get value out of reading a lot, they tend to find that they become scattered in multiple directions.

Choosing one high quality book brings more wisdom then reading even 20 mediocre books.

A rule of thumb for a high quality book is that it should be able to be read for a lifetime. If you don’t see the lifetime value in a book, don’t buy it.

For example, an example of a lifetime book would be ‘The Way Of The Superior Man’ by David Deida.

As with anything else, relationships are a major area of life where quality must be chosen over quantity.

Choosing a high quality relationship requires a lot of work but if this is the goal then it is absolutely worth it.

Often times, people settle for mediocre relationships because they are too lazy to put in the work for one of high quality. Choosing the mediocre path often brings mediocre results. As a result of choosing the mediocre path, many people decided to choose quantity over quality and have many relationships that are surface level and lack substance.

In my opinion, an aware individual can notice whether someone they are spending time with will lead to a high quality relationship or a low quality relationship.

Food is a prime example of a domain in which quality trumps quantity.

Eating a small amount of high quality, nutritious food is always better than eating small or large amounts of low quality food. In the case of eating higher quality food, one will achieve better health results because they are supplying their bodies with vital nutrients.

Engaging in high quality exercise yields more results in both the short and long term than low quality exercise.

Often times, people spin their wheels and waste their precious resources by exercising too much on training methods that are inefficient.

For example, 10 minutes of balls out sprinting yields better results than 1 hour of running.

These are just a few domains where this powerful principle impacts our quality of life in a major way.

Below, I will go over the problems of choosing quantity over quality and how we can take advantage of this principle.

The Downsides Of Choosing Quantity Over Quality

There are downsides to choosing quantity over quality. Here are a few of them:

Decision fatigue occurs when we have too much choice available to us. Too much choice is a natural consequence of choosing quantity over quality and it really does bring about more emotional turmoil.

Quantity drains your ability to make high quality and clear decisions.

Choosing quantity over quality results in engaging within a cycle of hedonism that ultimately doesn’t bring that contentment that we are all chasing after.

We are constantly going from point A to point B looking for the next hit of instant gratification and for most people, that comes from quantity over quality.

Choosing quantity over quality brings about more distraction within our lives. We get taken away from our priority and values and aim towards more short term means instead of focusing on the long term things that matter.

Distractions leaves us scattered and overwhelms us.

How To Choose Quality Over Quantity

The way to choose quality over quantity is to raise your standards within all areas of your life. We have to really value ourselves if we want to choose the highest quality people, things, habits, mindsets, so on and so forth.

If we don’t make the decision to value ourselves then we will constantly find ourselves in a place that lacks meaning and depth. Over time, this can destroy our lives.

So, start with one thing and decide to choose quality over quantity. For example, if you have a choice between a banana or ice cream then choose the banana. As you do this over time, you will begin to feel the momentum of choosing quality over quantity.

There is no quick hack to choosing quality over quantity. It is simply a matter of valuing yourself and making one high quality decision after another.

Writer. Autodidact. Competitive Soccer Player.

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