The One Thing That Will Make You Stand Out As A Young Person

“The biggest challenge is to stay focused. It’s to have the discipline when there are so many competing things.”

Alexa Hirschfeld

How To Win When You’re Young

Discipline is a bridge you must build towards a better future.

The Paradox of Competition, And How You Can Use It To Your Advantage.

The formula is simple in theory:

Go to bed when most begin the night. ⁣

Eat foods that others think are disgusting. ⁣

Push yourself to exhaustion when others choose to take it easy.

Build something meaningful while others waste precious resources on the meaningless. ⁣

If you want to thrive, doing the opposite of your peers is likely a good bet.

The Young Person Who Chooses Discipline Over Pleasure Always Wins.

How To Begin The Process

1. Create conscious values and live according to them.

2. Triple down on your strengths.

3. Prioritize action, not theory.

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